HORMUZD : Spenta Mainyu

Ahura Mazda created seven Divine Spirits to help Him in His work. They are called Amesha Spentas. They are also called the ‘Bountiful Immortals’. They perform multiple functions. They are the attributes of Ahura Mazda and form the central core of Religion which man must follow to be in tune with Ahura Mazda. When personified, they guard and protect the seven creations of Ahura Mazda on this earth.



Spenta Mainyu is the Avestan name; Dadar Hormuzd - the Pahlavi name; Mazda’s Holy Spirit is it’s virtue and Mankind is the Creation.

“Except God, Nothing Exists – Nist Hasti Bajuj Yazdaan”

Thought –

With Dadar Hormazd the Almighty Creator, the first day of the month begins.
To His Wisdom, Brightness and Glory, we dedicate ourselves from within.

Ahura Mazda the creator or good producers is a spirit. It is through his very own spirit that Ahura Mazda created everything in the world. He is also called Holy Spirit and is most admired in Righteousness. Also known as the ‘Holiest Celestial Being’, He is the guardian and protector of mankind.

Since He is the Supreme Being, most of our prayers start with the invocation - ‘Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao’.

The first day of each of the twelve months of the year (also known as Hamkara) is called Hormuzd – meaning Highest and Glorious. Chalk designs are made with the words ‘Dadar Hormuzd ni madad hojeji’.

After praying on Roj Hormuzd, think and resolve firmly that Dadar Ahuramazd is the owner of everything. Experience happiness in the condition He has kept you. Be contended and patient. Be engrossed in God. Work for God’s sake only. Dedicate everything to God. Obtain his protection, obtain His blessings.

There are 101 names of Dadar Ahura Mazda in our Khordeh Avestan. These 101 names of God are so effective, that any Zarathushtrian who chants them, will enlighten his soul when he himself makes full effort to know his soul and to merge with it. The soul is a ray of light created from God’s radiance. When we recognize that one ray, you will have then recognized God.

The blessing below will fit very close to what is the role of our Ameshaspentas in this Universe and inspire the reader to browse through all of them detailed in this website. This was put into the mouth of the greatest Iranian Hero, Rustam, when the latter addresses Kay Khosrow.

  • May your position be (supreme) like that of Hormuzd
  • May Bahman save your glorious headgear
  • May Ardibehest protect you every year with the wisdom and advice of an old sage.
  • May Shehrevar make you victorious in noble name, in fortune and virtues.
  • May Asfandarmard be your guardian and wisdom be the life of your bright spirit.
  • May Khordad give you many friends.
  • May Amardad make pleasant your abode.