001 » What is the Zoroastrian ideal of being in tune with future?

To be in tune with nature is to explore every possibility to be a source of joy to all creations following the fundamental principle observable in the workings of nature viz.it is better to give than to receive.

002 » What virtue should a pure Zoroastrian follow in his dealings with nature?

A true Zoroastrian should observe temperance or moderation in his dealings with nature,never to over-exploit the bounties of nature as that would seriously disturb ecological balance to the detriment of mankind.

003 » How should a true Zoroastrian regard this world?

A true Zoroastrian should regard this world as a battlefield and himself as a soldier under the chieftainship of Ahura Mazda to do battle against the forces of Darkness and Wrong.

004 » How should a true Zoroastrian perform actions?

A true Zoroastrian should perform actions in accordance with the will of Ahura Mazda,that is virtuous deeds completely devoid of egoism dedicating them to the supreme God.

005 » What is the true Zoroastrian way of life?

The true Zoroastrian way of life consists in spreading happiness all around - happiness unto him through whom happiness unto anyone whomsoever.(Yasna 43-1)

006 » What is Haoma?

Avestic Hoama and Vedic Soma is the name of a plant known to the ancient iranians and the vedic Aryans from ancient times.

007 » Who identified the Haoma plant?

The man who identified the Haoma plant was a holy sage named also Haoma who was well advanced in matters spiritual and who got the Iranians acquainted with the excellent qualities of the plant.

008 » What is the main quality of the Haoma plant?

The Hoama plant is advantageous both for the body and the soul,because all other intoxicating drinks lead to anger,but the drink prepared from Haoma plant is joy-giving and leads to holiness,and it renders the mind of the poor exalted.Today in Yazashne ceremony juice is extracted from Haoma twigs.

009 » What different kinds of Haoma were known to the ancient Iranians?

They were 1) Haoma Zaairi or the green Haoma, ii) Haoma fraashmi or the refreshing Haoma and iii) Haoma duraosha or the death-averter Haoma.

010 » What is death according to the Zoroastrian religion?

In Zoroastrian terminology the phenomenon of death is spoken of as  the seperation of consciousness from the physical body (Vendidad 9-43)

011 » Where does a man's soul remain after death according to Zoroastrian religion?

According to the Zoroastrian belief a man's soul after death remains within the precincts of this world for three nights, under the protection of angel Srosh,the soul's guide (dastagire ravaan) and the soul of a holy man is happy and joyful because of his good conduct in the material world,whereas quite opposite is the case of soul of a wicked man.

012 » Where does a man's soul go on the dawn of the fourth day after death?

On the dawn of the fourth day after death the soul of the holy man meets face to face with his own conduct called Daena in the Avesta,in the form of a very beautiful maiden with a very fragrant wind blowing,and the maiden leading the soul across the Bridge of Selection; to the best existence,whereas quite opposite is the case of the soul of a wicked man(Fragmentess of Haadskht Nask,chs II and III)

013 » What is Chinvat bridge?

It is not a bridge built of any material like iron,wood or stone,but it is the name of a place where selection for the soul is made, whether it has to proceed to heaven or to be dragged down to hell.

014 » What is Behest(Heaven)?

If a man's good deeds in the material world outnumber his evil deeds his soul is entitled to Behest which is of four different grades (i) Humata(star station) (ii)Hukta(moon station) (iii) Hvarshta(sun station) and (iv) Anagra raochaao (endless light) or garodemaan (house of songs) (fragments of Haadokht Nask chs II and III)

015 » What is Dozakh(hell)?

If a man's evil deeds in the material world outnumber his good deeds his soul is doomed for Dozakh which is also of four different grades (i)Dushmata (ii)Duzukhta (iii) Duzvarshta and (iv)Anagra temah (endless darkness)

016 » What is Hamistagaan?

When a man's good and evil deeds are equal his soul is entitled to a place called Hamistagaan where there is neither happiness nor much sorrow.

017 » What is Ristaakhez?

Rishtaakhez means rising of the dead.Zoroastrianism predicts a time when all the dead will rise up with the help of Soshyos,the last great benefactor, and attain immortality after undergoing the final judgement.

018 » What is Frashgird?

Frashgird means the act of renovating.Zoroastrianism presages a time when the world will be completely renovated and it will be never decaying,never rotting ever living and ever progressing going on in nature with the change of old order yielding place to new.

019 » What is Tan-i-pasen?

At the time of the final great renovation mankind will lead an existence devoid of disease,old age and death.This is known as Tan-i-pasen or final most bodily condition.

020 » What is virtue?

Virtue means good quality and virtuous deeds are approved by God because they are performed according to His Will which is that man should practise virtues in his day-to-day life.