101 Names Of Ahura Mazda

In the Yazasney Ceremoney "Varas" or the hair of Varasiaji is tied with the 'Hastah' meaning eight metal ring popularly known as "Vares-ni Viti" which is dipped in the vessel of water, time and again by the Priest, whilst reciting in soft tones the 101 names of the Dadar Ahuramazd, those names are as under :

Before all Names apply Prefix "Ya" and pray with clear intonation and positive pure wish.

Sr. No Name Meaning
1 Ya Yazad One who is Worthy of worship to attune with
2 Ya Harvesp-tavān All-Powerful, The Omnipotent
3 Ya Harvesp-āgāh All-Knowing, The Omniscient
4 Ya Harvesp-Khuda Lord of all
5 Ya Abadah Without beginning
6 Ya Abi-anjām Without end
7 Ya Būneshtiēh The root of Cosmogeneses, Source of all Creation
8 Ya Frākhtan-tēh Vast end of all things, Final end
9 Ya Jemag Oldess Cause, The Primal Cause
10 Ya Parjatarah More Stronger, The Exalted
11 Ya Tum-afik Most Innocent
12 Ya Abarvand Separate from all, unique
13 Ya Parvandā Connected with everybody, Intune with all
14 Ya An-aiyāfahe Nobody can fathom
15 Ya Ham-aiyāfahe Attainer of all
16 Ya Āadaro Starter of the start; Just of just
17 Ya Girā Takes care of everything
18 Ya A-Chem Without Cause, The Causeless Cause
19 Ya Chamnā Cause of all Causes
20 Ya Safnā Worth reverencing, The Bountiful one
21 Ya Afzā Helps in progress
22 Ya Nāshā Can reach everybody equally
23 Ya Parvarā Nourisher, Sustainer
24 Ya Paānah Divine Protector
25 Ya Aayin-āenah One and the same all the time, Never changing
26 Ya An-ainah Without Shape, Having no form
27 Ya Khroshidtum The firmest of the firm
28 Ya Minōtum Absolute unseen, The most Invisible
29 Ya Vāsnā Ever present, omnipresent
30 Ya Harvastum Complete of complete. All in all
31 Ya Hu-sepās Worthy of being praised and worshiped
32 Ya Har-hamîd Completely good natured
33 Ya Har-nek-farēh Complete kind worthy light, Blessed haloed light
34 Ya Bish-tarnā Vanquisher of all kinds of afflictions and diseases
35 Ya Taro-bish Victory over all evil
36 Ya An-aoshak Everlasting, Immortal
37 Ya Farsak Complier of wish, Fulfiller of desires
38 Ya Pajoh-dehad Producer of Divine characteristics
39 Ya Khvāfar The Supreme Judge
40 Ya Avakshiaeya Forgiver and Giver of all good Inclinations. Merciful and compassionate Bestower
41 Ya Abarja Bountiful Bestower
42 Ya A-Satoh Unconquerable
43 Ya Rakhoh Independent. All free
44 Ya Varun Deliverer from evil
45 Ya A-faréfah Never Deceiving
46 Ya Be-faréfah Never Deceived
47 Ya A-dui One without duality
48 Ya Kame-rad Lord of wishes
49 Ya Farman-Kām His will is Law
50 Ya Aaekh-tan Without body
51 Ya A-farmosh Never forgetting
52 Ya Hamārna All encompassing Accountant
53 Ya Sanaeaa Worthy to know, knower
54 Ya A-tarsh Without Fear
55 Ya A-bish Devoid of Pain-sufferings
56 Ya Afrajdum The most exalted one
57 Ya Ham-Chun Always the same
58 Ya Mino-stih-gar Possessor of the key to all the mysteries of the Cosmos
59 Ya A-mino-gar Creator of all spiritual Elements
60 Ya Mino-nahab Hidden Invisible Spirit in Minoi
61 Ya Adar-bad-gar Transmuter of Fire into Air
62 Ya Adar-nam-gar Transmuter of Fire into Water
63 Ya Bad-adar-gar Transmuter of Air into Fire
64 Ya Bad-nam-gar Transmuter of Air into Water
65 Ya Bad-gel-gar Transmuter of Air into Earth
66 Ya Bad-gerad-tum Changer of Fire into Precious Stone
67 Ya Adar-kibrit-tum Changer of Fire into Precious Stone
68 Ya Bad-gar-jae Creator of Air everywhere
69 Ya Aab-tum Creator of abundance water
70 Ya Gel-adar-gar Transmuter of Earth into Fire
71 Ya Gel-vad-gar Transmuter of Earth into Air
72 Ya Gel-nam-gar Transmuter of Earth into Water
73 Ya Gar-gar Master Craftsmen
74 Ya Gar-ō-gar Master Craftsmen
75 Ya Gar-ā-gar Master Craftsmen
76 Ya Gar-ā-gar-gar Master Craftsmen
77 Ya Ā-Gar-ā-gar Master Craftsmen
78 Ya A-Gar-ā-gar-gar Master Craftsmen
79 Ya A-guman Undoubted - Above doubt
80 Ya A-jaman Ageless - Timeless
81 Ya A-Khuan Without Sleep
82 Ya Amasht Ever-intelligent
83 Ya Fashatana Ever protecting
84 Ya Padmani Balancer-Moderator of all things
85 Ya Firozgar Ever Triumphant
86 Ya Khudavand Lord of the Universe
87 Ya Ahura-mazd Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom
88 Ya Abarin-kuhan-tavān Best preserver of the original (Seed) of the Universe
89 Ya Abarin-no-tavān Best creator in creating new origin
90 Ya Vaspān Can reach all creation
91 Ya Vaspār Bringer of All things
92 Ya Khawar Most Merciful
93 Ya Ahu Lord of Existence
94 Ya Awakhshidar Just Bestower
95 Ya Dadar Divine creator of justice
96 Ya Rayomand Full of lusterous splendour
97 Ya Khorehomand Full of Light abundant
98 Ya Davar The Lord of justice
99 Ya Kerfegar Master of Righteousness, Virtue
100 Ya Bokhtar The Liberator
101 Ya Frashogar Divine Renovator, Awakener of Eternity
  Hud-Haemay Limit of all limits

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