30 Thoughts For 30 Days Of The Month

Day Name of the Roj Meaning Thought
1 Dadar Hormazd Lord of Wisdom With Hormazd the Almighty Creator, the first day of the month begins. 
To His Wisdom, Brightness and Glory, we dedicate ourselves from within.
2 Bahman Ameshaspand Good Mind Bahman is the Vohu Mano (Good mind), let us imbibe his spirit true, Protector of the animal kingdom, fill me with Thy goodness too.
3 Ardibehesht Ameshaspand Truth, Order Ardibehesht is Truth and Righteousness which the holy fires bright, 
Reflect and Radiate me always. 
O! shower me with Thy light.
4 Shehrevar Ameshaspand Desirable Kingdom Shehrevar protects the metals strong, full of strength and power.
Keeper of the Desirable Kingdom of Mazda, Thy strength I need every hour.
5 Aspandarmard Ameshaspand Devotion The nourishing earth Aspandarmard holds under its humble devotion and care. 
Let my life flourish with in great quantities, to spread joy and happiness everywhere
6 Khordad Ameshaspand Perfection Wherever Khordad with the waters flow, perfection and purity spreads around. Restorer of prosperity and well-being, O! grant me good health and body sound
7 Amardad Ameshaspand Immortality The blossoms fresh, the fruitful trees, fall into Amardad's domain, 
Immortal, fresh and evergreen, let my life so also remain
8 Dae-pa-adar Dadar Giver of Fire The eight day of the month is dedicated to the Omniscient Creator. 
Hormazd, I praise thee day and night, be my constant guide and protector
9 Adar Yazad Fire The day of fire and life, ever burning and brightly ablaze. 
With the power of Thy Kayaian glory O! Fire, honesty and truth you enhance and raise
10 Avan Yazad Water Gentle waters undefiled, Thou art so spotless and pure. 
With your ever increasing abundance, give us Thy nourishment evermore.
11 Khorshed Yazad Sun The bright swift-horsed sun, with his radiance rules the day. 
Illuminating the global world, and keeping evil and darkness away.
12 Mohor Yazad Moon Shines with gentle beauty at night on Mazda's creations far and wide. 
O! grant us the glory of the spiritual world, with Thy shining splendour by my side.
13 Teshtar Tir Yazad Star (Sirius) The Bestower of bounty, I join my hands to Thee O! producer of rain, 
Preserve and maintain all the regions of the earth, By pouring your abundance on Mazda's terrain
14 Gosh Yazad Soul of the Earth (Cow) Gosh Yazad whose material essence lies, in the soul-created bull.
With your strength and vision of the world, may our lives remain complete and full.
15 Dae-pa-Meher Dadar Giver of Friendship, love, light The fifteenth day, Dedicated to the Mazda wise, 
Shield your creations O! ever present Mazda, From the wicked eyes
16 Meher Yazad Friendship, lov, light Rules over pastures wide, and helps us keep our promises too. 
With his mace across the horizon on his chariot he rides, Giving justice all the way through.
17 Sarosh Yazad Willing Obedience Glory be to Sarosh embodying the sacred word, He is so brave and strong.
O! help us to be obedient and loyal and shield our souls from every wrong.
18 Rashna Rast Yazad Judge The celestial judge at 'Chinvat Pool' 
Discerning and most upright. In all that I say and do in life, Let me be always just and right.
19 Farokh Farvardin Divinity in Humanity Farvardin is the God essence in man, the strong and swift winged being. 
O! Righteous fravashis come to my aid, Thou art powerful and all-seeing
20 Behram Yazad Victory Most glorious and powerful Behram, Victorious and strong of might. 
Grant us the victory in life's battles, as we travel through the dark night.
21 Mino Ram Yazad Divine Joy, Peace Ram the giver of joy and peace, Happiness on me bestows. 
To the righteous soul grant eternal bliss, in harmony and consciousness may we grow.
22 Govad Yazad Wind The powerful wind blows onward fresh with the breath of life. 
Spreading coolness and peace all around, may Thee lessen my chaos and strife
23 Dae-pa-Din Dadar Giver of Religion Day twenty-three is Dae-pa Din for Mazda it is set apart. 
We pledge ourselves to serve Him well, from the bottom of our hearts.
24 Din Yazad Religion The Good Religion I pledge to serve, for it is true knowledge I seek. 
May I recognize truth when I see it, and gain strength in moments when I feel weak.
25 Mino Ashishvangh Blessings - Adequate Wealth Brings good fortune, And grants us wealth and treasures. 
I praise Thee, to give me happiness in equal measures.
26 Ashtad Yazad Justice Just and fair, and also the defender of truth. 
O! benefactor of the righteous ones, bring increase in our lives forsooth
27 Aasman Yazad Sky The guardian of the vast skies, complete and adorned, Let Thy power and vastness always remain, in my heart till the eternal dawn
28 Zamiyad Yazad Earth The friendly and fertile earth, for our nourishment on you we depend, We shall not pollute you nor exploit your goodness, your plentiness and purity we shall defend.
29 Mino Marespand Holy Words The sacred word, through which the Good Religion thrives, Help us with Thy healing touch, To right the wrongs done in our daily lives.
30 Mino Aneran Eternal Light Home of Mazda and the domain of Endless Light, Who has no beginning nor an end, Fill our world with your radiance ever so bright