ARDIBEHESHT : Asha Vahishta



Asha Vahishta is the Avestan name; Ardibehesht - the Pahlavi name; Truth, Order and Righteousness are it’s virtues and Fire is the Creation.

“God’s third name is Asha – Turay Asha Vahisht”

Thought –

Ardibehesht is Truth and Righteousness which the holy fires bright,
Reflect and Radiate me always. O! shower me with Thy light.

Asha Vahishta or Ardibehesht means Best Righteousness. It also refers to Truth and Order. Truth is the logical outcome of good mind. When truth prevails, order prevails and vice versa. In the Gathas, the two Ameshaspands, Bahman and Ardibehesht are invoked many times together.

It is also the law and order of the cosmos or universe. Zarathushtra places greatest emphasis on Righteousness in our everyday life. Only the path of Righteousness leads us to God; all other paths are false paths. He is the guardian and protector of Fire.

Ardibehesht Ameshashpand is the presiding angel over atash, soul, light and radiance. On this day, revere to light meaning, stand facing the light and declare a wish to purify the mind, aura, soul and body through light and lead a righteous life of piety. The regular rising and setting of the sun, high and low tides, misery and happiness, rise and fall, etc. which are all destined are known as the law of “Asha”. We need to observe regularity for if regularity is there, man himself will follow God’s law and obtain spiritual knowledge. The soul, atash, light, radiance, brilliance, are all equivalent to obtaining Ardibehesht Ameshashpand. Ardibehesht is the key to heaven.