ASFANDARMAD : Spenta Armaity



Spenta Armaity is the Avestan name; Aspandarmard is the Pahlavi name; Piety and Devotion are its virtues and Earth is its Creation.

“Obeisance to Armaity or humility – Nemascha ya Armaitish ijacha”

Thought –

The nourishing earth Aspandarmard holds under its humble devotion and care.
Let me flourish with in great quantities, to spread joy and happiness everywhere.

Spenta Armaity or Aspandarmard Ameshashpand is known as the Genius of the Earth and is the guardian and protector of the earth. The faithful aspire to approach Ahura Mazda through the medium of Devotion. Malice and harm of the wicked can be averted through her help.

Aspandarmard Ameshashpand is the day of observing the noble quality of humility. Humility makes a man great and Mother Earth is an example of humility. The earth produces various kinds of vegetation. The noble quality of humility should be cultivated keeping in mind the rule, dust thou art to dust returned.

A good human being must recognize the head and the heart as his own things, which he must take good care of. He cannot sacrifice one for the other or he will not attain perfection. Prophet Zarathushtra prayed for Armaity to be his inseparable companion. This divinity is a great aid in self- realization and God-realization. It is only with Piety that one can work towards distant goals. Today, our eyes may not see something, that does not mean that thing does not exist. So that we may be able to see more in the future than what we see now, we must have Spenta Armaity as our inseparable companion.