Zoroastrian Ceremonies

  • The Jashan Ceremony

    Jashan Ceremony

    The word Jashan means an important occasion. The communal ceremony performed to commemorate or celebrate this occasion is also called Jashan...

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  • The Navjote Ceremony

    Navjote Ceremony

    Navjote is the most sacred and significant event in the life of a Zarthushti. ". It is declared in revelation, that although much duty and good work be performed,...

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  • The Wedding Ceremony

    Wedding Ceremony

    The Parsi wedding starts with the procedure of match making. The first ceremony is called Rupia peravanu. On this day few ladies from the groom’s house visit...

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  • The Navar and Murattab Ceremony

    Tha Navar & Murattab Ceremony

    One newly initiated into the work of offering prayers, rites, and sacred thing to Ahuramazda is called Navar. The candidate for initiation must first pass through two bareshnum purifications...

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