The Navar and Murattab

The Navar
The Navar

One Newly initiated into the work of offering prayers, rites, and sacred things to Ahuramazda is called Navar.

The candidate for initiation must first pass through two bareshnum purifications. He is then initiated into the order by two priests. To qualify themselves for the performance of the ceremony, these priests have to go through the Gewra ceremony, which consists of the performance, for six mornings, of the Yasna ceremony. On the sixth day of the Gewra ceremony, the priest who has on that day performed the Yasna ceremony initiates the candidate.

The neophyte takes his bath with all its formalities and puts on a new suit of clothes, and is led to the fire temple in a procession. The neophyte then puts on the full ceremonial dress wears on his shoulders a shawl and carries a mace (gorz) as the insignia of dignity and authority. When the procession arrives at the place of initiation, the candidate removes his full dress, lays aside the insignia of authority and under the guidance of one of the officiating priests, presents himself before the assembly. The initiating priest then ask the assembly, "Is it your pleasure that this candidate may be admitted?"

After waiting for few seconds for a reply, he tales the silence of the assembly to signify its will and consent, and expressing his pleasure gives his own consent. The candidate is then taken to the Yazishn-gah, i.e. the place set aside foe the liturgical service, where he performs the Yasna ceremony and subsequently the Baj and Afringan ceremonies.

These are repeated for four days. After this, he is declared qualified to be a priest.

The Murattab
The Afringan

The priest who has gone through the Navar ceremony can perform only a few liturgical services; he cannot officiate at the highest services performed in the temples.

In order to qualify himself to direct such ceremonies, he must go through the second grade of initiation and become a Murattab, that is, one who has acquired the rank (martabeh) of a director of the priesthood.

In this ceremony the initiate goes through the bareshnum ceremony for ten days. On its termination, he performs the Yasna ceremony on the eleventh day. Thereafter, he is fully qualified to officiate as a directing priest at all the ceremonies.