Zoroastrian Ceremonies

  • The Jashan Ceremony

    The Baj Ceremony

    The Baj ceremony, forming part of the funeral services after death, is performed on various occasions in a Zoroastrian house...

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  • The Navjote Ceremony

    The Afringan Ceremony

    Expressive of praise of God and the Higher Intelligences, the Afringan prayer corresponds to the Apei of the Brahmins...

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  • The Wedding Ceremony

    The Farokhshi Ceremony

    This prayer is intended to remember, invoke, and praise the Fravashis of the dead. Like the Afringan, it is generally recited over...

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  • The Navar and Murattab Ceremony

    Satum Ceremony

    This is a prayer in praise of the fravashis of the dead, generally recited over meals. The meal of the day is served in a tray...

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