How old is Persian New Year (NowRuz)

Persian New Year Table

Sal Tahvil

Exact time of the start of NowRuz - Persian New Year - Start of Spring - Vernal Equinox.


On March 20, time in London=UTC, Paris=UTC+1, Berlin=UTC+1, Athens=UTC+2, Jerusalem=UTC+2, Tehran=UTC+3:30, Beijing=UTC+8, Tokyo=UTC+9, Sydney=UTC+11, New York=UTC-4, Moscow=UTC+3,... - using World Clock & Daylight Saving Time.


How did New Year come up with 2569 for 2010's NowRuz? Iranian Government calendar says NowRuz 1388!! .


The Islamic Republic of Iran Government uses the Islamic Solar Calendar (2010=1389).
Majority of the Islamic countries around the World use the Islamic Lunar Calendar (2010=1431).
But, as we all know, Persia (Iran) has been around and NowRuz has been celebrated much longer than that.
We used the official Persian Imperial Calendar published by the Iranian Government. The persian calendar year 2535 is documented on the official 50th anniversary of the Pahlavi Dynasty Bank Note & Stamps issued in 1976.
The Persian Imperial calendar is based on the establishement of Persian Empire by Cyrus The Great.
Therefore, 1976=>2535, 1986=>2545, 1996=>2555, 2006=>2565, 2010=>2569, ...2041=>2600.