Daremehers In Rest Of The World


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Australia [Sydney] - Arbab Rostam And Movrarid Guiv Darbe Meher (Prayer Hall)
Arbab Rostam And Movrarid Guiv Darbe Meher (Prayer Hall)
196 Annagrove Road,
New South Wales,
Arnaz Bana (president) - 990 55736
Shanaz Desai - 963 43961.
Canada [Toronto] - Mehraban Guiv Darbe Meher
Mehraban Guiv Darbe Meher
Zoroastrian Society of Ontario,
3590 Bayview Avenue,
North York,
M2M 3S6,
(416) 733 - 4586
Ravine Lot, Corner of Bayview (west) & Steeles (South).
Canada [Vancouver] - Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr
Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr
6900 Halifax Street,
BC, V5B 2R5,
(604) 420 3500
China [Hongkong] - Zoroastrian Building (Prayer Hall)
Zoroastrian Building (Prayer Hall)
6th Floor, 101,
Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong,
S.A.R., China.
852 - 25763532 / 28823227
Iran [Esfahan] - Atash Kadeh
Atash Kadeh
Khaneh Zarthustian,
Khiyabane Nazar Saraki,
Kooche Sichan,
Block 27,
(031) 278 689
Iran [Kerman] - Banoo Rustom Farokh Daremeher
Banoo Rustom Farokh Daremeher
Date Consecrated
Roj: Sarosh, Mah: Shehrevar, 1293 Yz,
23 February 1924
Iran [Shiraz] - Atash Kadeh
Atash Kadeh
Khiyabane Karim Khan Zend,
Near Cinema Ariana.
(071) 337 856
Iran [Tehran] - Atash Kadeh
Atash Kadeh
Kooche Zarthostiyan,
670 6865
Near Russian Embassy and Firuz Behram High School
Date Consecrated
Roj: Astad, Mah: Khordad 1285 AY
05 December 1916
Iran [Tehran Pars] - Rustam Buag Atash Kadeh
Rustam Baug Atash Kadeh
Rustam Baug Atash Kadeh is on 121st street. It is a small beautiful Zoroastrian residential colony with a Fire Temple in Tehran Pars, a surburb east of Tehran.
Rustam Baug was built by Arbab Rustam Guiv.
Iran [Tehran Pars] - Pestonji Marker Fire Temple (Dadgah)
Pestonji Marker Fire Temple (Dadgah)
It is a modern building situated in a big residential complex with a school. Many Zoroastrians live in this residential complex located next to Rustam Baug
Iran [Yazd] - Atash Behram At Sharifabad
Atash Behram At Sharifabad
Atash Behram at Sharifabad (a village of Yazd). It is believed to be the oldest existing Atash Behram in the world, probably over 2,000 years old. It is even older than the Iranshah sacred fire. The holy fire is known as "Adar Khara" (a new Persian form of "Adar Farnbag" - one of the three great fires of ancient Iran. In the prayer hall, there is a huge Egyptian stone cylinder on which the holy fire once burned. The fire originally burned in the province of Fars, From where it was taken to Turkabad, and now finally rests in Sharifabad. The flying fire is still burning here. The main fire is in an inner chamber situated in one corner.
Iran [Yazd] - Atash Behram
Atash Behram
Ayatollah Taleghani Avenue,
Kuche Atashkadeh
Iran [Pir-E-Nauraki] - Pir-E-Nauraki
"Nauraki" - one of the 6 major Pirs is considered to be very holy by Iranian Zoroastrians. These mountain shrines not only have a holy significiance, but also provide a historical link.

The mountain shrines consist essentially of sacred rocks in high and lonely places. According to folklore, after the defeat of Yazdegard III, the last Monarch of Sassanian era, at the hands of the Arab invaders, his family not only had to flee from the palace, but were separated and had to roam about in the wilderness. The invaders were in hot pursuit of Yazdegard's wife and daughters. It is believed that when everything seemed lost, the princesses prayed to Ahura Mazda for help, whereupon the mountains opened up and took them in.

Pir-e-Nauraki is situated at the foot of a mountain of the same name in the valley of Gaigun. It is dedicated to an unnamed princess of Yazdegard. The shrine is a mountain oasis in the middle of a vast and barren desert.

The anniversary day is 3rd August, Roz: Meher Mah: Amardad Fasli.
Iran [Pir-E-Sabz] - Pir-E-Sabz Yazd Or Chakchak
Pir-E-Sabz Yazd Or Chakchak
The most celebrated of all Zoroastrian shrines is Pir-e-Sabz. It is probably the most beautiful of all mountain oasis one could find in Iran or, perhaps, even in the world. For miles there is nothing but barren desert; not a drop of water is available. But high up in the mountain, at the shrine, out of nowhere, emerges a pure and sacred stream of water.

The shrine is dedicated to "Nekbanu" or "Hayatbanu", the daughter of Yazdegard who was taken into the mountain by Ahura Mazda when she was fleeing from the Arabs. It is said that at the spot where the princesses disappeared, a spring of water emerged. "Chakchak" is the sound made by the waters trickling into the pool, giving rise to the devotional song, "Pir-e-Sabz, chak chak chaku...". A huge plain tree provides shade to the sacred rock while a giant willow, which age has bent right over, spreads across the pool of water and the rocks beyond.

15th June, Roz: Asman Mah Khordad: Fasli is the anniversary day. It is 42 miles from Yazd.
Iran [Set-e-Pir] - Set-e-Pir
It is situated 2 Km east of Yazd. It is believed that this shrine marks the place where Yazdegard's queen, the mother of the princesses Banupars and Hayatbanu, herself fleeing from the Arabs, sank and was exhausted and was taken living into the rock, together with her two attendants. Set-e-Pir is therefore regarded as the mother of the other 5 Pirs.

The anniversay day is 14th June, Roz: Astad Mah: Khordad Fasli.
Iran [Pir-E-Herisht] - Pir-E-Herisht
It is 35 miles from Yazd and 14 kms. from a village called Sharifabad.

It is in the memory of the maid servant Murvarid, of one of the princesses of Yazdegard. She too had to flee into the mountains and deserts. Finally when she was unable to go any further, she prayed to Ahura Mazda for help and the mountain opened up to engulf her. Even today, slight formation of a women with two children can be seen on the floor of this holy place.

Roz: Dae-p-meher, Mah: Farvardin, 28th March is the anniversary.
Iran [Pir-E-Banu-Pars] - Pir-E-Banu-Pars
The Shrine of Banu Pars: According to legend Yezdegard's daughter fleeing from the Arabs came alone to the head of the Yezdi plane. Tired and thirsty, she requested a peasant for something to drink. He milked his cow for her but just as the bowl was full the animal kicked it from his hands. Since the Arabs were drawing close, she had to move on with a parched throat. However, a piece of her dress was caught, it is said, by the closing stone. Iranians claim that their grandparents had seen the fragmented cloth, pieces of which were cut by pilgrims over the years as a sacred relic. Childless women are known to have their wishes fulfilled after praying and tying the symbolic ribbon at this Pir.

4th July, Roz: Meher Mah: Tir Fasli is the anniversary day.
Iran [Pir-E-Narestan] - Pir-E-Narestan
It is 41 kms. from the city of Yezd. Kind Yazdegard's son Ardeshir was running away from Arab persecution. But when the Arabs came very near he prayed to Ahura Mazda to save him from their hands. God granted his wish and he disappeared from the eyes of his enemies. The Arabs saw this wonder and also prayed to God. Some years later a hunter was running after a deer, but when he reached the spot he saw a handsome man instead of the deer.

The man told the hunter that this was his place of residence and told him to build up the place and light candles and fire. The hunter did what he was told and got his wishes fulfilled.

Roz: Spendarmad, Mah: Tir Fasli 23rd June is the anniversary day.